Homart Group

Homart group has so far established its footprint in 10 countries across Africa including Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Malawi, Ethiopia Ivory Coast, Mali, DRC and they are soon settling in Zambia and Guinea. This giant Corporation operates businesses in trading, logistics, construction, manufacturing, real estate, hotel and restaurant in the aforementioned countries.
Since 2009, when the group started its operations in Rwanda, Homart Group opened a large chain of businesses in Kigali including Kigali Ceramics Limited, Kigali Plastics Limited, Phoenix Plaza Apartments, Dmall Hotel, Sirius Logistics Limited, Sino-African international travel agency Limited, among others.


Real Estate Portfolio

Real Estate projects undertaken by Homart Group in Kigali

Phoenix Apartments

Residential apartments project in kanombe

Phoenix Plaza

Residential apartments project in kanombe

Rose Garden Apartments

apartments for sale in nyarutarama

Elizabeth Golf Apartments

apartments for sale in nyarutarama

Phoenix Villas

villas for sale in ndera

Dmall Hotel

4 star hotel in nyarutarama

Other Businesses

tours & travel

The Homart group also the Sirius Logistics limited, as well as the Sino-African international travel agency limited. These are Rwanda market leaders in logistics and travel management services.


The group owns the Kigali Plastics and Kigali ceramics manufacturing business in Kigali – Rwanda. dealing in materials like PVC pipes and tiles, with partners like WINTO Ceramics FAENZA Ceramics and LESSO

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